The Wall Decorative Painting ---- Icing On The Cake

Decorative painting is a kind of unique art work which pays much more attention to the harmonious effect with the environment. Its artistic feeling is not the most important part. This kind of decorative painting should go well with the indoor decoration style. The room in simple style will be more energetic and active if we choose the decorative painting to decorate the room. The color of the painting should be echo with the furniture, or it looks isolated. If the furniture is in steady and solemn style, then we'd better choose the plain and elegant painting to keep balance. If the furniture and indoor furnishing are in bright and concise style, then we'd better choose the positive, warm, funky, and abstract painting.
Here are some decorative paintings for you to choose. You can choose them to decorate the dining room, the bedroom or the living room and so on. The surface of the paintings have the crystal effect, which have been processed by unique craft. They are membrane with cloth pattern or crystal pattern. So the surface can insulate the moist and water. It is easy to clean or maintain the painting. The wrapping is processed by hand completely and the surface has the effect of mirror. The colors are bright and the patterns are vivid and chic. We can choose the suitable one according to you home style.

In addition, curtains are another important decorative elements for our home decoration. You can image that if we choose a graceful curtain to go well with the bright and funky decorative painting, then you home must be in different and unique style. The energetic and active decorative painting makes the room positive and cheerful, while the plain and fresh curtain makes the room graceful and elegant. The beige curtain can be added a layer of lace polka dots yarn to satisfy people's cute and young mental world. It is suitable for the bedroom or the living room. The beige polka dots curtains are mainly designed to give people a peaceful environment that can make people cal down. The embroidery craft makes the polka dots more vivid and chic. The colored polka dots seem to make the whole room more dynamic and colorful. Besides, the beige polka dots curtain is made of linen fabric, so the linen cute curtain can also give people a comfortable and breathable environment.

Actually, the pillow is also a necessary decoration element of the whole indoor effect. If we match several pillows with the monotonous sofa, then you must be able to feel the amazing change. And it is better to make the pillows echo with the wall, sofa, decorative painting and so on. As a result, all of things are in a peaceful and balanced scene. The fabric of pillows are linen and cotton fabric, and the pattern are mainly animals. The bright color, the interesting patterns and the comfortable and smooth fabric, everything is so perfect that can improve the indoor temperament immediately. You can feel that you are in a new home and all settings and decorations are so attracting.

Above all, that's the real appearance of a warm and wonderful home.


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